01 May 2014

the great migration

Hello friends!

I have big news today, in honor of my third blogging anniversary - I'm shedding the protective cocoon of Blogger and moving on in the world with a new site and a new name.  It's still a bit of a work in progress, but I'd love for you to come join me over here from now on.  There's a giveaway involved - I promise it'll be worth your while. :)

30 April 2014

magic hour

magic hourmagic hourmagic hourmagic hour
I'm really, really pleased with the ways these pictures turned out.  The golden lighting looks so beautiful, and I could tell I was getting some special even as I was posing stupidly in a field on the side of the road.

Anyway.  I was really happy with this outfit as I was wearing it.  I liked the color combination [mustard and navy?  made for each other], I liked the texture combination [this fake leather is, like, silky soft]...it was just a really good day.  And as simple as it might seem, this ensemble is honestly something I probably wouldn't have put together were I not limited to a small selection of my closet.  Writing that out makes me feel pretty stupid, but it's true - under ordinary circumstances, I sincerely doubt I would have put these items together [only partly because this skirt falls in the barely-ever-worn pile].

And one last shot - minus my person, plus my handwriting:
magic hour
LC Lauren Conrad lace tank, from Kohl's
Red Camel cardigan, from Belk [similar]
faux leather skirt c/o Aeropostale [similar-ish]
Old Navy clogs
The Jones Market necklace

PS - something exciting is happening with this site tomorrow!  stay tuned :)

29 April 2014

lucky number seven

lucky number sevenlucky number sevenlucky number seven
There's been a slight change in plans recently, as I made a last-minute [as in yesterday afternoon] decision to join my dad in Cincinnati for the next couple weeks.  He's been working in and out of the Queen City since December, and I chose to tag along for a bit because a] I've never been to Ohio; and b] hanging out at my house has gotten boring.  We spent a loooong six-and-some hours in the car this morning on the way up, The change in location shouldn't cause too many problems with this whole 30x30 setup, other than that I chose to leave behind a couple of pieces that weren't fitting well in my suitcase [which basically just means that the last week or so of outfits is going to feature quite a few of the same pieces - nbd].

Anyway, here we go: outfit #7.  I thought it would be fun to stand with the yellow parking lot barrier things so as to pick up on the pretty yellow-ness of my belt.  You can judge my crazy thought process if you'd like; I don't mind.
Ooh La La striped pocket dress, from Ruche [still available here]
H&M cardigan [similar]
Anthropologie bow belt
Blowfish Stila flats [something similar]

28 April 2014

in the garden

in the gardenin the gardenin the gardenin the gardenin the gardenin the garden
Extreme Close-up: Face Edition
You're welcome.

I thought that venturing into the backyard to take pictures with the pretty azaleas while they're still in bloom might be a fun idea, but clearly my dogs had other plans.

This is why we can't have nice things:
in the garden
Yes, that's really the best place to plop down and scratch yourself, Ruby.
Forever 21 shirt [similar]
Anthropologie Wave Walker skirt [similar: one | two]
BC Footwear Rough & Tough wedges [here in other colors]

panoply arts festival

This weekend ended up being delightfully busy, as I volunteered to work a couple of days at our local Panoply Arts Festival.  It's one of the biggest events to happen to Huntsville every year, three full days of junky food and crafts and live music in Big Spring Park.  I worked at the world masks lab on Friday, which involved helping children attach stickers and glitter to the paper mask of their choice while listening to various acts perform on the World Discovery Stage; the first guy, who did Celtic/Scottish folk music, was particularly entertaining, although his song lyrics were surprisingly violent considering this is a "family-friendly" event.
panoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festival
I treated myself to a giant lemonade on my way out of the festival, which incidentally cost more than it did for me to park.  Totally worth it, though - you really can't beat the deliciousness of fresh, tart lemonade.
panoply arts festival
On Saturday I worked at the color comets tent and the world jewelry lab, which was insane.  They had lost all semblance of order and supply organization by the time I arrived, and as the afternoon wore on and we fell more and more into chaos I was scrambling to find things with which the kids could decorate their crowns and bracelets and necklaces and what have you.
panoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festivalpanoply arts festival
I had intended to go back on Sunday in order to take advantage of my pass for free admission, but alas yesterday's general storminess squashed that plan entirely.  But otherwise the weekend was A LOT of fun, and thankfully complete with some gorgeous weather.

27 April 2014

ruffled and striped

ruffled and stripedruffled and stripedruffled and stripedruffled and striped
There's something about this outfit that makes me feel a little bit pirate-y, although I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

Have I mentioned recently that purple is my favorite color?  Because it is.  And the color of this shirt in particular is perfection.
Make Believe ruffle detail top, from Ruche
Old Navy striped shorts [similar]
BC Footwear Rough & Tough wedges [in black and in blue]